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I Hate Slack

I honestly don’t think Slack is solving anything as compared to email, and in a lot of cases, it’s quite simply making things worse. As a longtime Slack user (early beta), I started out loving Slack. Now, after a year of using it while working remotely due to the pandemic? I hate it. Slack as

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gray airplane in mid air

Flight Tracking with ADS-B

A few months back, before the COVID-19 pandemic basically destroyed air traffic, I set up a Raspberry Pi as an ADS-B feeder for aircraft data in my area. ADS-B stands for Automatic dependent surveillance–broadcast and it’s a technology that allows aircraft to transmit their positional data over open airwaves in order to be tracked by

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silver MacBook Pro on white table

On Working from Home

My job went full remote on March 9, 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic began to spread around the globe. I had hit the office over the weekend when the email went around to all staff and I grabbed a couple of monitors and my keyboard, mouse and laptop stand to help get a good setup

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Road Map vs. Road Trip

A recent episode of Under the Radar (#182) with Marco Arment and David Smith got me thinking some more about planning for the 2020 year as a Product Manager and how to approach that when you have different challenges. We’re really short on resources at the moment for various reasons, and that has a significant

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