GVRAT By the Numbers

It ended up taking me 77 days to cross Tennessee (virtually). That’s probably 30 days faster than I would have guessed back in May.

Apple Beta Season is here

It’s June, so that means I’m probably being an idiot and installing the latest iOS beta on my phone.

GVRAT: It's all in the Math

When it comes to running 1,021km in four months, it all comes down to the math.

Managing a Big Mileage Increase

Going from about 25km a week to almost 100km a week over the span of just a month and a bit has meant walking a fine line between doing as...

Citystrides and Some Reasons to Run

Running 10km a day or more means I need some new places to run to stave off the boredom and expand my horizons. I turned to a website called Citystrides...

Flight Tracking with ADSB

A few months back, before the COVID-19 pandemic basically destroyed air traffic, I set up a Raspberry Pi as an ADS-B feeder for aircraft data in my area.