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Hoping for the best, expecting the worst. Twice a father, once a husband, ten times a marathoner, currently a product manager.

My personal life

  • My home is in Toronto, Ontario where I live with my wife Ginny and kids, Mackenzie and Lindsey.
  • I run marathons and ultra-marathons for fun.
  • I blog about work, life and technology on my personal blog and about running on my other blog.
  • I track my training on Strava and Garmin Connect.

Work things

  • Hover – I’ve been the Product Manager for this leading domain registration provider since 2013. A Tucows company (yes, that Tucows).

Little things

  • – loads a random website that is online today, but stuck in the past.

No longer around things

  • – a new generic top-level domain (new TLD) parody site. Get your .offline domain today!
  • Nine O’Clock Yo – get a Yo notification every night when the Nine O’Clock Gun is fired in Vancouver, B.C.

Domain names I own