James Koole

Product Manager

I’m currently the Product Manager for Hover, a leading domain name registrar, where we help anyone take the next step in turning their passion into reality with a domain name.

For the last six years, I’ve led a team of developers and designers through constant iteration to improve the experience for our customers, whether they are Internet experts or first-time domain owners. Hover makes it as easy as possible to establish an online presence starting with a domain name.

My approach

I’m passionate about product and relish the opportunity to improve and add features to any product through an iterative and methodical approach that makes a measurable difference to users while not upsetting the apple cart through radical change.

Users don’t like change, so completely remaking a product (as we’ve done with Hover over the past few years) without alienating and upsetting those users was a huge challenge. By maintaining consistency and familiarity even when completely swapping out pages and tools, users were brought from old to new over time in a far less disruptive way.

Get in touch

I’m always interesting in new opportunities. You can download my resume (PDF) or get in touch.