Apple Beta Season is here

It’s June, so that means I’m probably being an idiot and installing the latest iOS beta on my phone.

GVRAT: It's all in the Math

When it comes to running 1,021km in four months, it all comes down to the math.

Managing a Big Mileage Increase

Going from about 25km a week to almost 100km a week over the span of just a month and a bit has meant walking a fine line between doing as...

Citystrides and Some Reasons to Run

Running 10km a day or more means I need some new places to run to stave off the boredom and expand my horizons. I turned to a website called Citystrides...

Flight Tracking with ADSB

A few months back, before the COVID-19 pandemic basically destroyed air traffic, I set up a Raspberry Pi as an ADS-B feeder for aircraft data in my area.

GVRAT Month Two Begins

It’s June 1 today and that ushers in the start of the second month of running in the Great Virtual Run Across Tennessee.