Home to Toronto

Our quick three day getaway to Vancouver Island is done and we’re flying home to Toronto to return to our “normal” lives.

This whole trip happened because we started thinking about what we wanted in life, both for us and for the girls. Getting a big pile of cash from the insurance settlement gave us a reason to think about some different options and one of the options was to maybe find a radically different life out west.

We spent a few days on Vancouver Island looking around and seeing what life ere was really like. We rode ferries, hiked up mountains, drove around and looked at homes and villages and we came to the realization that moving there wasn’t going to happen. At least not now.

Island life is a good life

It’s a beautiful place. Stunningly beautiful, really. The people are warm and inviting, and the land is often wild but ready to be explored. We loved the hiking, the scenery, the people and that more relaxed lifestyle.

But to pull up roots and move away from family, work and our home in Toronto? It’s not for us right now.

Finding a good life at home

What this whole exercise did show us is that we’re after something different in our life. We came to the island to discover what it had to offer, but really it was about learning what it was we really wanted.

It turns out that a lot of what we found is stuff we already have available to us in Toronto.

We live near a beautiful lake with hiking, running and biking trails. No, Toronto doesn’t have the spectacular views that the Cowichan Valley has, but Toronto has its own beautiful places.

The view from the Leslie Spit, trail running in the Don Valley or the Rouge, the Martin Goodman Trail out to the Humber. Those are just a few…

Our plan is to take advantage of what we have already. To think everyday about what we learned that we wanted in life, and to find it around us. It’s all there, or fairly close by. We just need to do it. To make it happen.

I’ve often thought that we don’t have time for all this stuff because of all the busy-ness of city living. But there are ways to make time, whether that’s working from home a day a week, or by just walking away from the things we think we have to do, but that aren’t really all that important.

We’re going to do this.

We’ll buy a SUP board and get Ginny and Lindsey out on our lake. We’ll drive up and go hiking at Rattlesnake Point or cross country ski through Albion Hills. I’ll throw the bikes on the roof racks and cruise the Taylor Creek trails with Mac. We’ll find those great single track runs through the Rouge River Valley and I’ll blast through the forest with my running friends.

And of course, we’ll return to Vancouver Island one day soon, hopefully with the kids. We have some great friends there and as soon as we left, I started thinking about our next visit.

Home for us will continue to be Toronto. But we’ll always feel the call of the west coast, Vancouver and the Island. See you all soon, friends.