T-Minus 7 days

This time next week I’ll be in Portland, Oregon for my second XOXO Festival.

It’s an experimental festival celebrating independently produced art and technology. Their words, not mine. I’d call it an eclectic and thoroughly enjoyable mix of people, tech, arts and culture.

Hover, where I work, is again a patron of XOXO which means we get to give them a small pile of money to help them put on the festival, and in return we get brand awareness, and some free passes. I think the free passes are the best part.

LowerRaise your expectations

15033972729_e122c3a177_zLast year I didn’t really know what to expect, and came away blown away by all the people I met, and the great talks I attended.

The XOXO Fest YouTube channel has many of them if you want to get a taste for the experience. That said, the videos fail to show all the stuff that happens when everyone isn’t sitting in a big auditorium (or the abandoned factory that was the home of XOXO 2014) listening to one person talk.

This year, I’m going in with higher expectations (sorry Andys, I know that’s heavily discouraged). Thanks to a very active XOXO Slack chat, I know a ton more people than last year. And the #toronto group in the aforementioned Slack has already met in meatspace at Nuvango‘s HQ in the Junction.

Things I’m looking forward to, in no particular order:

I’ll try and write daily here, while I’m there.