Reviving the Running Mojo

I’m starting to get back to a regular running routine. That means running three or four times a week, and logging about 120km a month. It’s been a quiet summer for running for a couple of reasons. First, I had a bit of an injury after the Niagara Ultra 50km that just wouldn’t heal. Second, I bought a road bike and did a lot of cycling.

I’ve done a couple of longer runs the last two Sundays – 16km last week, and 12km this week. I’ve got a map for an 18km on Sunday that I think I’ll attempt. I’ve run those runs slower than I’m used to, but it’s ben very enjoyable.

I really needed that break from running to remind myself that I really, really like it now that I’ve come back. Tonight I ran 5km at Variety Village, and while it was unpleasant due to some tummy issues related to dinner choices, it was nice to hop on the ‘mill and put in some miles.

Looking forward to the BMO Vancouver Marathon is also helping to revive my running mojo. I’m already planning my training program and thinking about how I want to approach the fall season so I get to the start of that program in good shape.

Too Soon?

bmo-may6I’m already getting excited about heading out to Vancouver again next year for the 2012 BMO Vancouver Marathon. It’s way early to be thinking about it, but I had such a great time in 2011, that I really want to bring my wife Ginny along with me this time and have her see what a great event it is.

New Course in 2012

The organizers promised a brand new course for 2012. So far, all they’ve said is that for runners in the full marathon “‘Hitting the Wall’ will mean something totally different in 2012” and to stay tuned for an announcement on October 5th. That could either mean they are doing a loop that will include the monster climb up the Burrard Bridge a second time to really kill us all, or maybe we’re going to get to run more of the Seawall in Stanley Park.

I’m hoping for the latter.

New Friends in 2011

One of the best parts of my 2011 experience was interacting with the social media team, particularly Jon Suk (@jonsuk). He was gracious enough to invite me to a dinner with some runners from Victoria (#yyjrun ftw). I’ve continued to keep tabs on many of them through Twitter and Dailymile and would call them friends, despite having only met in real life on race weekend.

As of today, it’s 237 days until race day. You can bet I’ll be blogging more about it as training kicks in starting in late December. Can’t wait!