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Negative Splits

I’ve been focussing more on consistent running these days. That means slowing down a bit off the start and trying to keep the pace and effort consistent throughout. Running the second half slightly faster than the first half – a negative split – is proof that I maintained that consistent pace throughout and I’ve done that a few times since training started in earnest.

I’ve never run a negative split on race day, although I’ve come close. I ran the second half of the Ottawa Half Marathon in 2011 within a couple of minutes of the first half and finished with a solid personal best that day.

The reason I never negative split on race day is that I usually start too fast, because I choose a goal time that is a bit on the optimistic side. Last year in Vancouver I started well with a 3:50 goal time in mind but faded in last few kilometers (thanks for nothing Burrard St. Bridge).

I’m determined to negative split a marathon at some point and maybe 2012 will be the year I do it. I’m definitely training differently this year and I’m hoping that pays off in Vancouver on May 6.

This week’s Sunday run is 16km and we’re doing a north-south route once again. That means an uphill start, with a downhill finish and it also means another opportunity for a somewhat easier negative split.

13 weeks to go until the BMO Vancouver Marathon.