Week Ten, Nothing Rhymes

We that was fun. 29km today (great run, felt awesome) and 30km the rest of the week. 59km total including a very good 14km hill workout earlier in the week.

Travel will get in the way of running this week – I’m flying out to Amsterdam on Tuesday night. That means I’ll probably have to squeeze something in Monday evening, then wait until Thursday morning (or maybe Wednesday night) before I can get another workout in.

I think hill training might suffer this week, but I’m feeling good about where I’m at, so if life is getting in the way, then so be it.

My long run is planned for either Saturday or Sunday in Amsterdam. I need to look into a route and figure out which day will work the best. Whatever the case, I need to make sure I can get in my runs this week and next week. Next Monday we’re driving from Amsterdam to southern Germany for a few days and another trade show.

Then when I get back it’s a quick turnaround and an overnight trip to Orlando that will again mess up my running schedule.

On the bright side, April looks pretty quiet.

What’s Next?

Training this time around has been all about one thing – focusing on a single goal race.

That means no Chilly Half Marathon, no Around the Bay Road Race. Just the BMO Vancouver Marathon in May.

But I am starting to think about what to do next, and how I want to tackle running after my fourth marathon is done. I’m realizing yet again that marathon training is time-consuming and tiring. No surprise there.

I’m also realizing that I think this might be the last one I do for a good while. I like the challenge of the marathon, but it is somewhat all-consuming for five months.

Racing does keep running interesting, so I’m looking towards the fall and maybe the Hamilton Half Marathon. It’s a late season race, and features a pretty fast downhill course. In talking to a couple of friends, I’m thinking I have a shot at getting into the 1:30’s on the right day, and with the right course.

That’ll be in the back of my mind for the next couple of months while training for Vancouver continues…

Week Nice, Doing Fine

Another week, another four workouts, another 48km run. And happily, I’m still feeling great.

This was supposed to be the step-back week – when we dropped back in our mileage on Sunday for the first time since the program started on January 1st. I did step back, but not all the way to 19km as the schedule suggested. Instead it was a 23.5km long run this week with some friends on what was the windiest day in a long, long time here in Toronto.

I added another 5km recovery run today to give me 48km for the week. That’s my biggest week so far, and probably the most I’ve run in a week since the ultra back in June, 2011.

The BMO Vancouver Marathon is just nine weeks away. Between now and then I’ll be in Amsterdam and Germany, plus a couple of days back in Florida. I’m hoping I’ll still be able to work in the required runs, but there will be some adapting of the schedule required.