in General Running


It took all of seven days to go from “never again” to “maybe another one” and today it became “why not another ultra?” I signed up for the same 50km ultra I ran last year with Miguel.

We’ll run the Niagara Ultra 50km that is part of the Ontario Ultra Series. It’s a great little race day put on by the St. Catharines Roadrunners and Walkers.

The plan this year is to do some more ultra-training and try to keep the legs ready leading up to the big race. Last year was a last minute decision and it showed on race day. It hurt a lot.

I’ve got a few weeks now to maintain some longer distance training, then we’ll roll into a longer taper – probably three weeks instead of the two that the marathon calls for. I’m starting by running to work tomorrow – 16km!

There is even some talk of running a full marathon training run at some point before June 23, but i think 40km might make more sense.

Crazy? I think it’s time to admit that we’re all nuts – Miguel Dias, Chuck Lee, Ali Zimmerman and me. There’s a special category for Dave Emilio and Paul Nelson who are running the 100km.

I’ll be a two time ultra marathoner…what am I thinking?