Marathoning Again…For a Good Reason

I said I wouldn’t run anymore marathons for a while after the BMO Vancouver Marathon in May. Since then I ran most of the Whitby International Marathon as a training run (DNF after 37km). And the Niagara Ultra Marathon (50km).

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October. The reason I’m running this one is to raise funds for the Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada.

Our daughter Mac has this genetic condition that causes a whole bunch of problems for her – mostly learning difficulties, but also anxiety and some other things.

We’re coping well, but a cure or effective treatment would be awesome. Research is making some great strides of late and obviously more money would allow for more research by more researchers.

I’m aiming to raise about $2,500, and our team has a goal of $30,000.

You can sponsor me online here. No amount is too little – thanks in advance for either your donation or your support in other ways.