I’m Back and Still Running for Fun

It’s been 168 days since I last laced up my shoes and ran a race. That was the Road2Hope Half Marathon in Hamilton, Ontario back on November 4, 2012.

Lots has happened since then, but I’ve kept up my running pretty well despite not having a race on my schedule and that little elbow surgery thing last month that put me out of action for a couple of weeks.

A few months back I ran 27km on February 24th. I came out of that run with a pretty sore ankle thanks to a near fall and some very icy streets. Since then I’ve run only eight times as I nursed the foot back to health with some rest, and went through the surgery.

Last Sunday I ran 12km and felt pretty good. I’ve been trying to get back on a regular schedule since then and it’s been going well with a half dozen runs under my belt. I’m feeling stronger and loving the running again as my fitness returns quickly.

Today I went out with the marathon group from the Running Room at the TD Centre. They had a 24km route mapped out and I figured running the first 15km (at least) should be doable. I got to 12km and was feeling good so I kept running. At 14.5km I had to commit to a trail section with no TTC escape until 18km. I felt good so I bombed down the Beltline Trail. It was great to be back, and I felt super.

I decided then to push through to the finish and run the whole route. We ran across the Bloor Viaduct, down Broadview, and then along Queen back downtown. The legs started giving out a bit, but 24.75km was done in 2:33:15.

Awesome amazing.

When I got home I signed up for the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Half Marathon in two weeks. I can’t wait to run another race. It won’t be my fastest ever, but that’s okay. Run for fun is my motto this winter and spring and this race will be the culmination of that effort.