Missing the BMO Vancouver Marathon

For the first time in two years, I won’t be in Vancouver on the first Sunday in May to run the BMO Vancouver Marathon.

I ran it first in 2011 on my 40th birthday and had a blast. I went out to Vancouver alone and spent a long weekend in one of my favourite places, running the marathon in the middle and just doing my own thing for a few days.


It was such a great experience that Ginny and I decided to go out last year together and run it again. She ran the half, and I did the full in 2012.

I met a bunch of runner friends out there in 2011 and I’ve kept in touch with a half dozen of them over Twitter and Facebook ever since. Seeing them again in 2012 was great and Kirsty and I ran the first 38 km of the marathon together before I crashed and burned and she ran away to a sub-4:00 PB.

I’m bummed that I won’t be running around the Seawall this year but more bummed that I won’t be seeing Jon, Kathryn, Skye, Kirsty, Jess and Damian.

I was feeling jealous of my running friends of late as I watched them prep for races. So I decided to sign up for the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Half Marathon on Sunday and at least get out there.

I’m in no shape to race a half, but I’ll be out there doing the running thing. I’m looking forward to 21.1km at a decent pace, enjoying the company a few thousand of my fellow racers.