Finding Answers on the Long Run

No matter the question, running has the answer.

I often underestimate myself. It’s probably related to the fact that I’m a pessimist (or maybe it’s the root cause?).

When I get in certain situations, self doubt floods in and I start to question my abilities.


Early morning runs

Since I started running in 2008, I’ve noticed that the simple act of running has an uncanny ability to offer up the answers to life’s many questions.

I embarked on a journey of craziness over the summer. I took a new job that I wasn’t sure I could do. Around the same time I hatched a secret plan to run a marathon in the fall that I wasn’t sure I could run.

The marathon plan was there to remind me that I could do far more than I thought I was capable of. Turns out that I could go from almost no running to a full marathon training schedule in two months. And I could ramp up to a 32km long run by Thanksgiving.

I know now that I am able to run a marathon near my usual race pace on November 3.

At work, I realized that I could learn the role of the product manager. I discovered that I could understand the needs of the customer and direct the development process.

I know now that I am able to make decisions and drive the business forward.

As usual, I looked to running for help. And as usual, I found it on the long run.