Running in the Rain

Looking ahead to Sunday, it looks like there’s some rain in the forecast. I could switch things up and maybe do my marathon simulation run on Saturday instead, but I think I’ll stick with the plan and run on Sunday no matter the weather.

The reason is simple. You can’t move your race from a rainy day to a nicer day.

I’ve run six marathons, two ultras, three 30kms races, a bunch of halfs and a few 10km races. In all of all those races, I’ve been rained on a total of once. And that was just for a minute or two at the start of the 2012 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

That’s pretty lucky. Odds are that someday I’ll have to run a marathon in the rain so if I’m going to do a marathon simulation run, I should simulate what could happen on race day.

Rain don’t scare me

I’ve run in some terrible weather including heavy rain, high winds, snow, sleet, freezing cold, super hot and everything in between. Given a choice of non-ideal weather, I’d take a bit of rain over a lot of the other options.

That said, knock on wood that the weather on May 4 in Vancouver will be about 15°C with sun and clouds by the time the race ends at noon.