On the Fake Boston Marathon Bibs

These people who ran the Boston Marathon with fake bibs are really pissing me off.

First was the four people who all ran with a fake bib number. Then today it was discovered that the wife of Foursquare-founder Dennis Crowley also ran with a fake bib.

These people are pompous, self-entitled assholes. They didn’t earn their way in with a qualifying time like many did. They didn’t fundraise for the official charities like many did. No. They decided that they should be entitled to run the 2014 Boston Marathon when they weren’t entitled to. They decided that the rules didn’t apply to them.

Here’s Dennis Crowley’s explanation:

“Yes, using a duplicate number to get Chelsa into the starting corral with me was wrong. I don’t expect everyone to understand our strong need to run and and finish together — but after trying unsuccessfully to get a charity number and trying unsuccessfully to officially transfer a number from an injured-runner friend, we did what we could to make sure we could run together in hopes of finishing together.”

You think it’s “ok” because the Boston Marathon really meant a lot to you, Dennis Crowley? Well it means a lot to a lot of people and those people were out there because they earned their way in. You couldn’t get your wife into the race, but rather than accepting that and dealing with it, you decided that printing up a fake bib was your way of showing to the world how much Boston meant to you. Fuck you.

I hope they never let you run the race ever again. And good luck with Foursquare. I’m out – account deleted.