Day Before Race Day Preparations

Race day is tomorrow, so I’m getting ready for the big run. I’ve done enough of these things and I have a pretty typical routine.

  • Clothes selected: I’ve chosen a well-worn race shirt that I’ve run in many times. I know I won’t need to worry about any new chafing or being annoyed by seams or an ill-fitting shirt. Same goes for everything else. My raceday socks, underwear and shorts are all familiar and I know I won’t have any problems.
  • Gear organized: I’ve got my usual water belt ready to go and I’ve loaded it up with enough gels for the run. I’ve also put skin tape and scissors where I’ll see them in the morning so I don’t forget to tape up since it’s going to be a rainy run. Nipple chafing is nasty. Tape!
    I’ll make up some Q Energy Drink in the morning for my bottle. I like to run with my own preferred sports drink and I know unless things go wrong, I can always get plain water on the course.
    My Garmin is fully charged, the memory is erased and the various screens are set up the way I like them. I’ve run in Vancouver with it, so I know it won’t have issues getting a satellite lock despite travelling thousands of kilometres.
  • Shoes worked in: I’ve got a pair of shoes that have about 125km on them. Not too new, and not too old. I started working these ones in about four weeks ago. This is one thing you can’t wait until the last minute to deal with!
  • Breakfast plans made: This is always tough when you run a marathon away from home. Last year we had a toaster in the hotel, so a trip to the local 7/11 for some bread and peanut butter was the plan. This year I’ve scoped out a Starbucks on the walk to the Canada Line. I checked today and they open at 6am tomorrow. I’ll grab a croissant or cinnamon bun and supplement that with a Clif Builder Bar a little closer to the start time. I’ve eaten both of these things prior to long runs so I know I won’t have gastro issues.
  • Transportation to the start sorted out: the BMO Vancouver Marathon provides a transit pass for runners to get to the start (Toronto races take note). I’ve looked at the walk to the Canada Line from the hotel and I’ve got a good sense of what time I want to leave to get to the start in good time. I paid for the Platinum Package so things will be a bit different this year – I’ve got priority bag check, private portapotties and a warm, dry tent to hang out in before the race. Awesome!

That leaves a couple of things to do including setting an alarm or two and getting to bed on time. But first, a last chance to carb load with a dinner at Joey with a couple of left coast friends.