Sunday Running is Back

I haven’t run on Sunday morning at the Running Room since before the marathon. Now that my parents are back from a trip to Holland, we have a place to send the kids on Sunday mornings and that meant I could get in a run with a few friends.

The group was small because of the Ottawa Race Weekend and Cabot Trail Relay which took a few people out of the city this weekend. The next clinics for summer and fall races haven’t started up yet and quite a few runners are taking a bit of time off before rolling into training again.

But a small bunch of us headed out for 16km around Toronto. I mapped out a fairly tough route that started with a run up Jarvis and Mt. Pleasant all the way to the Beltline trail. On the bright side, the way back was a pretty easy downhill cruise.

There were a few new faces on the run with us including a guy who was getting ready to start training for his first marathon. We had a good chat about how to go about that, and enjoyed a nice run through some of Toronto’s neighbourhoods.