The Streak Continues

Day 46 and despite a head cold, the streak continues. I ran 5km this afternoon, albiet a bit slower than usual.

The run today means I ran every single day in September. 30 days, 30 runs.

It also gave me my second straight 177km month. That’s up there for me, although when I’m in the midst of marathon training it’s not unusual to have 200km months (or more).

It’ll continue tomorrow.

Streak Running

I’ve been running every day since August 16, 2014. That’s 37 days in a row and a total of 228km.

When I first started running daily, I didn’t have a goal in mind. It was about seeing what would happen if I didn’t take rest days and pretty much nothing else.

Turns out that I got a bit faster over shorter distances. And more tired. And shin splints.

Out on my run today I had pretty much convinced myself to call it a streak today and take tomorrow off. But then before I got back home, I’d already thought about maybe taking it through day 42 because it was a nicer number.

Who am I kidding? If I go to day 42, I’ll look at the end of September and think that a full calendar month would be neat. Then 50 days. Then two months. Then 100 days. Then the end of the year…

Streaks are motivating things. Beyond the runstreak, I’ve also got a FitBit streak going — 49 days straight with more than 10,000 steps, 8km and 30 minutes of activity.

I also used streak thinking to stop drinking pop on weekdays.

At some point these things have to come to an end. When? Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Maybe next year.

What it Takes to Run a Marathon

I was thinking about what it takes to run a marathon while out on my daily run yesterday. I came up with this:

Vancouver Marathon Finish

Running a marathon requires equal parts courage, strength and determination. Courage gets you to the starting line, determination gets you to the finish line, and the strength built over months of training enables you to run the 42.2km in between.

A Summer of Not Training for a Marathon

It’s been a lovely summer of not training for a fall marathon.

Those who know me will know that I am not a fan of summer running. I don’t like running in the heat and humidity. Because of this, I have always preferred to run spring marathons.

I find running long runs in the winter to be much easier than in the summer. Sure, you can end up having to slog through a winter like we had in 2014, but I’ll take 32km in -5ºC and a bit of snow over the same run in 25ºC and high humidity every time.

That’s not to say I haven’t missed the long run this summer. I have. Even on the hotter days, there’s still something very enjoyable about getting out with my running buddies for a few hours of running every Sunday.

This year is Ginny’s year, and that means my running has taken a back seat. I’m still getting out during the week for shorter runs, and I’ve even managed to put together a 178km month in August which is pretty decent.

But the long Sunday runs have been replaced by Sunday city exploration with the kids. It’s been fun.

Toronto exploring

I am starting to think about a spring marathon again (yes, BMO).

As Ginny and I were talking today, if you are doing it right, training for a marathon is all encompassing. You wake up thinking about your next run, spend the day thinking about your run, and you go to bed thinking about your next run.

Does it seem weird that I miss all of that thinking?

The runstreak I’ve embarked on has been a decent substitute of late. I’m missing out on those mentally and physically taxing long runs, but I do still get the benefit of having to think about my run every day.

That means thinking about what I eat, planning life around the run and generally having running on my mind all the time.

While it’s been a bit different this year, it’s still been a great summer.

Now bring on fall please!