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Streak Running

I’ve been running every day since August 16, 2014. That’s 37 days in a row and a total of 228km.

When I first started running daily, I didn’t have a goal in mind. It was about seeing what would happen if I didn’t take rest days and pretty much nothing else.

Turns out that I got a bit faster over shorter distances. And more tired. And shin splints.

Out on my run today I had pretty much convinced myself to call it a streak today and take tomorrow off. But then before I got back home, I’d already thought about maybe taking it through day 42 because it was a nicer number.

Who am I kidding? If I go to day 42, I’ll look at the end of September and think that a full calendar month would be neat. Then 50 days. Then two months. Then 100 days. Then the end of the year…

Streaks are motivating things. Beyond the runstreak, I’ve also got a FitBit streak going — 49 days straight with more than 10,000 steps, 8km and 30 minutes of activity.

I also used streak thinking to stop drinking pop on weekdays.

At some point these things have to come to an end. When? Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Maybe next year.