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Streak ends, tomorrow we race

The runstreak ended in favour of pre-race rest. Seeing everyone racing in Chicago had me thinking about doing some race this fall, so when Miguel asked over Twitter if maybe I wanted to run the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon this weekend, I didn’t have to think very long.

I picked up a bib cheap on Kijiji on Wednesday night and made the transfer into my name on Friday at the Expo. Total investment is $45 which isn’t much for a big city half.

ios-apw6r581l7I was thinking on Friday about ending the streak after the race on Sunday instead of going through to 100 days, but then on Friday evening I figured a couple of days of rest would probably do me good. I haven’t run 21.1km in quite some time, so that extra rest can’t hurt.

A good learning experience

Am I bummed about the streak ending? No. I accomplished what I wanted to. I never had a specific goal in mind when I started. Instead I was just trying to learn about myself by running every day.

How would my body react? How would it be mentally? Would running frequent, shorter runs lead to an increase in speed?

It turned out the getting out everyday wasn’t that hard mentally. It was very much like having a marathon schedule to keep.

Physically, I ended up with shin splints on the right side that I couldn’t shake. Two days off has already done wonders in that department, but 21.1km tomorrow will likely light the shin up again for a few days.

Speed-wise, I’m faster over 5km than before. We’ll see whether that means I can still run a fast half marathon. Maybe?

Some numbers:

  • Consecutive days: 62
  • Total kilometres: 360
  • Longest run: 15km (day 1)
  • Shortest run: 3km (day 62)