Switching to the Saucony Guide 7

I was a Saucony runner from day one. My first pair of “real” running shoes were Saucony and I ran thousands and thousands of kilometres in Saucony Ride 3’s and 4’s and Guide 3’s. I really, really liked those shoes.

But in the summer of 2013, Saucony changed the design of pretty much all of their shoes and they just weren’t the same anymore. I didn’t like the new feel, or the move to an 8mm drop from a more traditional 12mm (drop being the difference in height under the heel compared to under the forefoot measured in millimetres).

I ended up switching to the New Balance 860 V3. It had a 12mm drop and a very traditional design which is something I’ve always preferred in a running shoe. I stuck with the 860 through the transition to the V4 even though it felt a bit different to my foot. That shoe worked pretty well for me, although I think the V4 is partly responsible for the minor shin and ankle issues I’ve battled for the last few months.

Back to Saucony

saucony_guide_7Today I tried on the Saucony Powergrid Guide 7 and also the Ride 7 and they felt like the Saucony shoes I loved back in the Ride 4 days. I had one of each on for a little jog around the store and the Ride 7 felt like it had a bit too much roll-in for me compared to the Guide 7. That makes sense given the Guide is a mild stability/guidance shoe, while the Ride sits in the neutral category. The Guide 7 felt a bit narrow through the midfoot, but they both felt pretty good, and that made me happy.

I didn’t pick up a new pair for the $149 they wanted at SportChek as it turns out the Running Room has them on sale for $99 (they are already making room for the Guide 8). I’m happy to take them at that price and I’ll be running in them by the end of the week!