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Advent Runstreak Day 3 and 4

I missed posting yesterday mostly because the day was a bit hectic and the run was pretty unmemorable. I ran the same 5km neighbourhood loop as usual and, other than the fact it was a bit colder yesterday, it was pretty much just your average 5km.

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Tonight, after another somewhat crazy day and a long commute home, I grabbed a very quick dinner (consisting of one english muffin, toasted with cheddar cheese), and we headed over to Variety Village as a family.

The girls are much more independent these days and tonight both Ginny and I hit the treadmills while they amused themselves in the field house. This is a huge deal for us. To be able to leave them on their own to play around on their own while we both run is awesome. It opens up so much more time to run and will enable us to both train for the Ottawa Marathon at the same time starting in January.

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