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Advent Runstreak Day 5 and 6

These two runs were a bit tougher to get motivated for. I experienced this last time I did a runstreak around the one week mark. There’s a fatigue that sets in, plus it was the end of a work week and running just wasn’t at the top of my list of things I wanted to do.

But I did get out on both days. Friday night we went downtown for dinner and I made some poor choices including a pan bread, some pasta with a cream sauce and a big glass of ice cold Coke. All good stuff, but not great when I went out for a run 90 minutes later.

Today was a bit better, but I still felt a bit sluggish. Normally we run on Saturday mornings at Variety Village, but it was closed for a big Christmas party so that left me running outside. Rather than heading out first thing in the morning, I decided to be lazy. Then we walked over to get a Christmas tree, and did some groceries.

That’s streak running for you. There are two questions to answer each day: When am I running, and how far? Whether I will run is not even a question. I will.

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