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Onwards…the Runstreak Continues

Day 11 was indeed a snowy mess with 20cm of snow on the ground. Day 12 was better, but still tougher than running on bare pavement. Day 13 was with my beautiful wife and quite enjoyable. Day 14 was a long Sunday run in some dreary drizzle, but also quite wonderful.

Snowy run

Thursday’s run was a bit snowy, but I got out there!

The runstreak is now past halfway, and over two weeks. I’ll be ending it with a Christmas Eve run, before taking some time off around Christmas when travel and family activities will get in the way.

I’m feeling pretty good this time around and I think that might be because I rolled into this streak with an easier run than I did the first time. That one, which went 62 days, was started with a 15km race that I ran fast. That meant I wasn’t rested coming in and the lack of rest over the next two months added up.

I’m also within striking distance of my 1,800km goal for the year. After today I have 59km to go. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be close to topping that by Christmas Eve, and maybe even all the way there. It’s been a good year.