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Ten Winter Running Rules

It’s true. Winter running requires a different mindset than summer running.

When it comes to running in the season between autumn and spring, it’s all about embracing the weather rather than dreading it. Here’s a list of ten winter running rules to help you to relax, get out there and enjoy it.Winter running

  1. Light snow falling is better than light rain falling.
  2. It’s never quite as cold as you think it will be.
  3. If you have a choice, take the headwind going out, and the tailwind coming back.
  4. No matter how carefully you step, eventually you’ll get a soaker.
  5. You’ll almost always overdress (see #2).
  6. Non-runner friends will call you nuts, insane and crazy for running in the winter.
  7. Runner friends will call you out if you don’t show up for a Sunday run because it’s cold.
  8. That slush puddle? It’s way deeper than you think it is (see #4).
  9. Ice lurks under sidewalk snow patches.
  10. The water in your bottle will be refreshingly cold (and maybe frozen).

Feel free to add your own rules in the comments!