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Eight Things People Do On Treadmills That Drive Me Nuts

I treadmill run a lot and as a result, I see people doing stuff on the treadmill that drives me nuts.

Here’s the top eight things that make me want to walk over and say, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”:

  1. Run like hell for a minute and then stop and that’s it. What possible benefit are you getting out of a 60 second run at 8mph? Did you even get your heart rate up in that amount of time? Did you realize you have to go to the bathroom?
  2. Highest incline, hanging off the panel leaning way back. You are completely obliterating any benefit of walking or running on an incline if you hold on and lean back so you aren’t climbing a hill anymore. Similarly annoying is when you support your entire body weight on the handrails.
  3. 15mph YouTube run. Usually a teen male and three bro friends with smartphones in hand, making a video of the whole thing. You think it’s hilarious to set the speed to 15mph and see if you can somehow run that speed? It’s not. It’s dangerous. Eventually you’ll learn the hard way that treadmills can reach out and bite you.
  4. Run for a bit, feet on the rails for five minutes, run a bit more, feet on the rails some more. We all occasionally hop onto the side rails for a few seconds to grab a drink or wipe the sweat away. But some people spend half their workout standing on the rails and not running. I’m sure all your friends would be less impressed with the 5 miles you said you “ran” on Facebook if they knew half of it was spend watching the distance slowly rising while standing straddling the belt.
  5. Rocking out on the run. You’ve got your Beats headphones on, arms pumping in the air, and singing some awful song (out loud). Stop it. No one wants to hear you singing Miley Cyrus while you workout. And the Beats look ridiculous. Get some Yurbuds or something.
  6. Twelve treadmills available, you pick the one beside me. First of all, if you are a dude who does this to female runners – you are creepy. Don’t do it. Second of all, treadmills generate a lot of heat. If there are lots available, space things out so I don’t have to roast thanks to the heat from two belts on a wood friction plate instead of just one.
  7. Racing me without declaring it’s a race. If I run at 7.6mph, you run at 7.7mph. I up my pace a notch, you up your pace a notch. I’m not racing you so how about you run your pace and I’ll run mine? If you want to challenge me, then come out and say it and it’ll be go time.
  8. Standing on the treadmill doing nothing. Does it really take you ten minutes to mentally prepare to walk or run? Do your static pre-run stretches somewhere else! In a similar vien are the people who spend ten minutes going through all the programs, or flipping through the TV channels. Get on the thing, turn it on and go.

I’m sure there are more…in fact, I’ll probably be able to add to the list later tonight when I hit the treadmill for another run. In the meantime, if you are one of these people, I have a suggestion for you: maybe hit the elliptical instead.