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The Fine Line Between Hardcore and Dumb

It’s been ridiculously cold in Toronto this week. So cold that the simple act of running outdoors this morning was just plain dangerous.


The indoor option.

When the air temperature hits -25ºC and a stiff wind from the north brings windchills in the -35 to -40 range, gearing up and venturing out for a run is one of the last things a smart runner should be doing.

At those temperatures, you risk frostbite on exposed skin and far worse in the event that something happens to you that renders you unable to run.

There are other options when conditions turn dangerous. You can hit the treadmill, or an indoor track. Or you can postpone your run for a day or two until conditions are more favourable.

Badges of honour

Many runners see heading out in any and all weather conditions to be a badge of honour. I’ve been there, done that and earned the merit badges for running in the rain, the snow and the wind. Some days it’s awful to run and we do it anyways. But not when it’s dangerous.

When the temperatures dip below -20ºC, going out for a run isn’t a sign that you are hardcore, or committed, it’s a sign that you aren’t thinking straight.