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Two Really Important Weeks of Training

I often find these next two weeks of training to be the toughest. The weekly mileage is at its peak, and the Sunday runs seem relentless with 29km and 32km runs to do before the taper starts.

tunnelBut these couple of weeks are also the most critical in building that last bit of stamina and strength. Resist the temptation to ease back now and continue to push hard and get all of your runs in.

Here’s why these two weeks are key:

  • The last of the super long runs: With 29km and 32km Sunday runs, these are the last two really long runs you’ll do and your last chance to gauge where you are at. If you’ve done the work and trained well, these two runs will be huge confidence boosters leading up to race day.
  • The start of speed work: The hill training is done and we’re moving on to the final phase of training which builds more of the all-important leg strength and cardio. These sessions will push your body and mind to the limit, so be careful not to push too hard and injure yourself.
  • Race day practice opportunities: These are your last chances to figure out your gels, hydration and race day routine. By the end of these two weeks, you should know which shoes you’ll wear, what you’ll eat the morning of the race, and what gels and fluids you’ll carry with you in the race.
  • A light at the end of the tunnel: It’s been a long winter and spring, and the weather is finally getting better. After weeks and weeks of training, the end is in sight now. Get through these two weeks and there’s a little thing called the taper waiting for you that includes shorter runs and more rest.

Stick with it here and you’ll be standing in the start corral in five weeks feeling confident about your race.