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Obsessing About Marathon Day Weather

In the week or two leading up to race day, weather watching becomes every runner’s new hobby. Seems every minute spent not running is spent obsessing over the forecast.

The weather for Ottawa Race Weekend is looking pretty good right now. In fact, if I could, I’d “lock it in” right now. That said, even when a runner knows exactly what the weather will be like, they often imagine it to be worse than reality. Light rain becomes a monsoon, some wind becomes a gale, warm temps become a furnace.

Ottawa? More like Hottawa!

My big concern for Ottawa is always heat. We don’t call it the Hottawa Marathon in my running club for nothing. So far it’s looking pretty decent on the temperature front with a forecast high of 21ÂșC. Of course that doesn’t stop me from imagining that forecast to be worse than it is.

What I imagine the temperature graph will be like:
What I wish the temperature graph would be like:
What the temperature graph will probably be like:

Advice from the Medical Director

Whatever the weather ends up being, make sure you adjust your running to fit the forecast. Dr. Jon Hooper, Medical Director for the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend has some great advice for you to ensure you have a safe, successful run.

Good luck, and stay safe!