in Training and Runs

One Week

Seven days. Less than that actually, since it’s Sunday afternoon already.

We’re a week away from the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon and that means you’ve now probably run over 10km for the last time in your training. My schedule shows only two runs left: a 6km tempo on Tuesday, and a 10km at race pace on Wednesday.

IMG_3467After 18 weeks and over 900km of training, it’s down to the last 16km to run and then we race.

Rest, Run, Stretch

As with last week, the focus this week is to maintain fitness by continuing to run. Make sure to deal with any soreness, aches and pains with rest and maybe some physio treatment if things aren’t getting better.

Keep in mind that as you dial back the training, your legs will naturally stiffen up. To counteract this, make daily stretching part of your routine this week to avoid any issues.

Pay special attention to your calves. It’s my experience that they tighten up the most in the last week. For me, it’s as simple as doing a few stair stands to stretch them out a few times a day.

Plan ahead

You should also start planning out the weekend, especially if you are travelling to Ottawa. We’re heading down by train from Toronto on Friday, so I’ve already started putting together a checklist of stuff to bring. I’ve also hit up my local Running Room to grab enough of my favourite gels for race day. Don’t count on buying any of this at the expo! Bring it with you and you won’t have to worry.

Enjoy the week, rest up, eat and sleep well and get ready for 42.2km on Sunday.

Thanks to Derek Hatfield for the photo of the start line