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Training by the Numbers

It’s travel day today. We’re on Via Rail Train #40 from Toronto to Ottawa right now. As the train passes through the many cities and towns along the way, it seemed like a good time to reflect on the training journey that got me here.

By the numbers:

  • 956km run
  • 93 training runs
  • Longest run: 33.84km
  • Runs over 20km: 9
  • Runs over 15km: 17

That’s the most training I’ve ever put in for a marathon and over 100km more than the roundtrip distance between Toronto and Ottawa by car! I ran 250km in April which was the most I’ve ever run in a single month. I put in the training for this one, and I’m hoping to see the results on Sunday.

Around the Bay Road Race

I ran one race as part of my training plan. The Around the Bay Road Race (30km) in March went really well for me. I set a goal of running under 2:30:00 and I accomplished that nicely with a 2:28:57.

17785934589_7902bbaf2d_oIf I can run close to that pace deep into the marathon on Sunday, it’ll be a big personal best for me.

Injuries? I’ve had a few

Injury was a theme for this training cycle as well. I started off with bad shin splints on my right leg in January and February. I worked through that with the help of my physiotherapist and altered my stride to take some of the pressure off my lower legs.

Then there was some knee tendonitis in April thanks to a long run in tights that caused some bad kneecap tracking. Back to physio I went for a few weeks while that cleared up.

A mild calf strain on the left side caused some concern recently, but icing and rest cleared it up nicely.

Lastly there was some ankle and foot pain on the left side that I’m still working through. It was never bad enough to impact my training, but in the back of my mind I’m still concerned it will flare up towards the end of the race on Sunday.

Some thank you

All in all, it was a great winter and spring. The weather was cold again this year so a lot of runs were done at Variety Village on the treadmill.

As usual, the gang at the Running Room kept me going on the long Sunday runs in the cold. Special shout out to my long time buddy Nicole who joined me on a few of the super long runs and who ran London earlier this year. We trained for our first marathon together back in 2010 and it was great to run 30+km with her again this year.

My parents also helped out immensly by taking our kids on Sunday mornings so Ginny and I could go run. You can’t imagine how much easier it makes things to be able to run those longer runs in a group and having my parents there to take the kids was great.

Lastly, thanks to my wife Ginny who puts up with all the running I do, and manages to squeeze in her own training as well. This was the first time we both attempted to train for a marathon at the same time. She had to drop back to the half because of some injury issues, but she was there to support me when I was putting in the hours and hours of training.

That’s it. 18 weeks of training is done. Just a 3km Friendship Run with John Stanton awaits on Saturday.

On Sunday it’s marathon number eight.