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What’s Next?

What’s next? That’s the questions that runners get asked a lot in the days and weeks following a marathon.

Sometimes it’s a question asked by friends, family or running buddies. Other times it’s a question that a runner asks themselves.

So what’s next for me? I don’t know just yet. I had considered running the Niagara Ultra 50km in a few weeks, but after Ottawa I decided to skip that race. I had nothing to prove after my PB in the Ottawa Marathon, and I’ve run the race twice before. Maybe I could improve my time, but it wasn’t something that was important to me.

One thing I won’t be doing later this year is another marathon. I’ve decided to take on one a year and then ease back the training through summer and fall. I’ll be back next winter and spring to take a shot at running sub-3:30 and get that little bit closer to what will be my Boston Marathon qualifying time when I turn 45 next year: 3:25.

I’ll keep running four days a week, with longer runs on Sundays now and then. Running Room founder John Stanton suggests 16km runs on Sundays are plenty to keep your fitness and strength between training cycles.

Perhaps I’ll pick a fall half marathon as well and take a run at my personal best of 1:38:25. I’m pretty sure if I get in some good training over the summer and into the fall that I can drop that down below 1:35.

In short, I’m going to keep on running.