in Training and Runs

The First Few Weeks

Maybe you just started your “real” training for the Ottawa Marathon, or maybe you are about to. Whatever camp you are in, these first few weeks are always a bit of a stress test on the body and mind.

I’m rolling into training in pretty good shape, having run nearly 2,100km in 2015, and with some reasonable rest under my belt through December.

Early aches and pains

Still, now that I’ve ramped it up to full marathon training mode, my legs are starting to cry foul and the usual aches and pains are creeping back in. My brain is already questioning why we’re doing this.


Become friends with this thing.

It’s normal for the first few weeks to be a bit of a struggle. You’ll be adapting to a life of five-days-a-week running and putting in more mileage than you maybe are used to.

Form good habits

Keep it up and develop all the habits that will help you get through training and your race. That means foam rolling, stretching, and paying attention to the little things like sore IT bands or tight calves so you can stay ahead of any potential injuries.

Resist the temptation to run hard now. Tempo runs should be a bit easier than normal, and your long Sunday runs should be a nice easy pace while we’re still running the relatively short distances.

If you want success later, you need to execute on the training plan now. Build that strong foundation that you’ll build on over the next four months.