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Going Beyond 21.1km

A month and a bit into training for the Ottawa Marathon, and things are about to get pretty serious.

Up until now, Sunday runs have been in the 13-16km range which should be old hat if you’ve been up the training ladder for a half marathon or two. With that base in place, the Running Room training program escalates pretty quickly with 19km, 23km and 26km Sunday runs. Even if you’ve run multiple marathons, that rapid increase is a test of the body and the mind.

Building on a strong base


The bridge in Toronto that we cross on runs longer than 21.1km

Heading into the next month, you’ll want to be sure to stick to your weekday runs and continue to build that strong base of training. Without the weekday runs to provide a foundation, these long Sunday runs will take a toll.

Slow it down

If you’ve never run more than the half marathon distance before, the 23km and 26km runs can be intimidating. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be running these at your half marathon race pace. These are easy runs at conversational pace.

Keep that pace in check and you’ll cruise through 21.1km and easily add on the extra two or five kilometres to complete these runs. Once you’ve broken through into the mid-twenties distances, the 29km and 32km runs will seem less intimidating.

Good luck and keep it moving forward!