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There is only one way to become a marathoner – through complete commitment. You need to really want to do it.

When you embark on the long training journey that takes you from being a runner into being a marathoner, the one thing you’ll need above everything else is a deep-seated desire to make it happen; a commitment to seeing it through to the finish no matter what.

It all takes commitment

Running when you are tired and don’t feel like running takes commitment. Running 30km on a Sunday morning the week after you ran 30km on a Sunday morning takes commitment. Giving up your evenings or weekends to get your runs in takes commitment. Eating differently takes commitment.

It’s that complete commitment that will get you out the door after a long day at work or at 5am when it’s cold and dark. It’s commitment that will keep you running after 25km when your legs are aching and you want to quit and take a bus home. And it’s commitment that gets you to the finish line on race day when you’re running farther than you’ve ever run before.

Without commitment, you’ll find yourself sitting on the couch instead of getting out to run. Without commitment, when you have a choice between running the hill repeats on your schedule or grabbing some wings and beer with your friends, you’ll choose the latter. Without commitment, when the runs get hard and your body starts to complain, you’ll skip a run or two xand justify an extra few days of rest.

Ask yourself…

So before you decide that you want to run a marathon, ask yourself if you are fully committed. Do you know what it takes? Are you willing to do what it takes? If the answer is “Yes!” then go for it. Otherwise…