in Training and Runs

Summer Training Update

The marathon clinic at the Canary District Running Room is now in full swing and we’re all getting our running legs under us. The start of training always seems like a long time before race day, but in reality it’s already less than 15 weeks until the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon!

It’s been an interesting few weeks for me, between running with a group far more often and also running a fair bit more slowly than I’ve been accustomed to.

Not exactly tempo!

Tuesday runs at the clinic are in the 6:00/km range which is slower than I normally run on Sundays. Tempo this is not! That said, it’s been good to see the clinic runners working hard on their weekday runs and putting in the training miles.

Wednesday’s 10km runs are also a bit slower than I would normally run, but it’s nice to get out with the group to run these longer evening runs.


Sunday runs combined with the DYRR Running Room

That leaves Thursday’s and Saturday’s for me to get back to the usual faster pace either around 5:00/km or under (on Saturday). Getting some hard runs in leading into Sunday’s long run should be a benefit in the long run as it will mean running on some tired legs.

Fortunately, we’ve worked out an arrangement with the Downtown Yonge Running Room to meet up on Sundays and bolster our numbers and pace groups. That allows me to run a bit faster with some of their speedsters, while my clinic runners get some company for their long runs.

Extra long Sunday runs

I’ve also been running back to meet the other groups and then run them in so that gives me a chance to put in a couple of kilometres at a faster pace, and also the opportunity to tack on a little extra mileage at the same time.

The clinic instructing has been enjoyable so far. It’s great to be able to see the progress of the runners in the clinic and it’ll be neat to see them gradually build up to the marathon distance over the summer.