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Big Week of STWM Training

We’re at the start of Week Seven of training for the 2016 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM). If you are a first-time marathon hopeful following the training plan from the Running Room, then this is a big week for you!


Get used to this view on Wednesday’s for a couple of months.

On Wednesday, the hill training portion of the schedule starts with four hill repeats. These workouts build strength and teach you how to run on the edge of your cardio limits.

Make sure you work hard on the uphills, but not too hard! You should be huffing and puffing, but your pace should be even throughout each hill repeat, and also over the full duration of the workout.

Don’t overlook the downhill portion of the hills either. Learning how to take what the course gives you and run smoothly downhill is important. The STWM course doesn’t feature a lot of hills, but you’ll want to have the power to run up them and also be able to bank some time on the downhill side.

Longest ever runs

Next Sunday is technically the start of week eight, but it’s also the first time the long slow distance (LSD) run tops 20km with a 23km run on the schedule. If this is your first time training for a marathon, this might also be the first time you go further than the half marathon distance of 21.1km.

That might be intimidating for you, but if you’ve been putting in the training over the last couple of months, you’ll have no problem! Make a note of the place where you run through 21.1km and beyond – you’ll remember it for the rest of your running career.

12 weeks to go!

From here on out things get serious and the challenge of the marathon will start to become evident to you. Stick with the program, get your runs in and you’ll be fine.

In just 12 weeks from today, you’ll be proudly wearing your medal and you’ll be a marathoner.