in Training and Runs

100 Days

The countdown to the BMO Vancouver Marathon says 100 days. That’s just over 14 weeks and it means that training is well underway.

Within the next few weeks, the long Sunday runs escalate quickly to 19km and beyond. Hill training starts and the weekly mileage climbs above 50km and towards 60km.


Out on the run.

If you haven’t established a good training routine yet, you best get things sorted out quickly. Without a base of training on which to build in the next phase, you’re setting yourself up for injuries and frustration.

Commitment doesn’t have levels

You should be running a minimum of four days a week if you want to be successful on race day. Anything less than that puts too much strain on your body on the long Sunday runs. A good rule of thumb is that your Sunday runs should be well under 50% of your weekly mileage total.

If you are having trouble fitting the runs in, then it’s time to assess whether you are fully committed to running a marathon. I’ve written about commitment before and rather than restate that here, you can go read that post.

Nobody said it would be easy

This marathon training thing is tough. It can be a grind. It goes on for months. But that’s what makes it so rewarding when you cross the start line on race day knowing you’ve worked hard and are ready to run 42.2km.

I’ve run one marathon on not enough training (on purpose) and believe me, it’s not a great feeling when you start a 42.2km run knowing it’s going to end very badly.

If you are looking back through your training logs for the last few weeks and you see gaps and missed runs, then you’ve got a week or two here to get yourself in gear. If you don’t, then come May 7, 2017, you’ll either be watching as others run or you’ll be crossing the start line knowing that you could have and should have done more to prepare.