in Training and Runs

Week Seven Begins, Twelve Weeks to Go

We’re through the early foundational stages of training now and things are about to get real. Today’s run was 19km and from here, all the Sunday runs are at least 23km with a single 19km step back week a few weeks from now.

Here’s hoping you’ve been running your four or five days a week and have a good base to build on. If you don’t have that base of training and good habits of running at least four days a week, I’m sorry to say this: you are screwed. If that’s you, then it’s time to start seriously thinking about how the heck you’ll be able to run 42.2km in 12 weeks, and maybe also time to consider changing your race.

The next phase of the training program is no joke. Nine of the next ten runs leading up to race day are at least 23km and as much as 32km. Without the weekly runs that build the strength and cardio, those long 23km+ runs will break you down fast.

It’s starting to feel possible

If you’ve built the base, then the next phase of training is still going to be tough, but it’ll also be very rewarding. This is the time when the whole idea of running 42.2km starts to seem possible. You’ll click off the miles on your weekly long runs and all of a sudden, 23km or 26km runs won’t be that intimidating anymore.

The 29km and 32km runs aren’t far off now and keeping up with the training is key. You’ll be tired and some days the last thing you’ll probably want to do is go out to run 8km or 10km. But if you don’t get those weekday runs in, you’ll pay for it on the weekends to come.

As it was for the first six weeks of training, the key message for the next six weeks of training is simple: do the work.