I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Run!

With just over seven weeks to go until the BMO Vancouver Marathon, I’ve found myself sidelined from running by what I think is likely either a couple of cracked or badly bruised ribs.

I haven’t gotten an x-ray partly because we’re in the USA and I don’t want to deal with travel insurance, but mostly because the treatment for bruised vs. cracked vs. broken ribs is the same: rest and Advil.

As mentioned in a recent post, I fell while out running 29km last weekend. I ran the 15km back to our place here in Hilton Head Island, but over the next few hours, things got progressively more sore. As of today (Thursday), things are still sore and there are a couple of spots on my side that are very tender to the touch.

What, me worry?

Am I worried? Not really. The run on Sunday was a good one. I ran a strong 29km despite the fall and finished still running about the same 5:05/km I ran throughout. I generally miss a week of training every marathon training cycle for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s sickness, other times some injury that sidelines me for a few runs.

The plan from here is to wait it out for a few more days and then I’m hoping to be able to ease back into some shorter runs while things continue to heal. The shorter weekday runs are no big deal to miss, but I don’t want to loose too many of the long Sunday runs if possible.

The best laid plans…

The chances of me running 29km this weekend are zero. Between the continued pain/soreness and a drive back to Toronto on Sunday, it’s just not going to happen.

Next Sunday has 32km on the schedule, and that run is also potentially at risk for being missed. It may be that I have to shorten that one up as well and pick up the real long runs in two weeks instead of pushing things.

Vancouver was always going to be a low-pressure, more fun marathon. So missing out on some training isn’t really a worry. I have no plans to go for a personal best or to try to run a sub-3:35 or anything like that. If it ends up that these ribs keep me away from running for a few weeks, so be it.