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2017 BMO Vancouver Marathon Medals Revealed

It’s four weeks until the 2017 edition of the BMO Vancouver Marathon and race organizers took to Instagram today to reveal the medals we’ll all be racing for in 28 days.

bmo-full-medalThe front side features a unique 3D design that combines elements of the Vancouver skyline, including Canada Place and Harbour Centre, with a geometric representation of the mountains that surround the city. The race distance is shown at the bottom with the race logo through the middle. It’s a great design that continues the tradition of beautiful BMO Vancouver Marathon medals.

On the reverse, the geometric design continues with RUN|VAN over a reverse of the imagery on the front. There’s a spot for an iTab race time insert for those who opt for it.

The medals for the various races are all similar in design, but differ in size. The 42.2km full marathon is the largest, then the 21.1km half marathon. The 8km and marathon relay are similarly sized and the smallest of the medals. The full marathon medal has a beautiful red ribbon, the half marathon is blue, the 8km is green and the relay is magenta rounding out the set.