Off to Ottawa

I’m off to Ottawa until Monday to attend WordCamp Ottawa. While I’m there, I’m hoping to get at least two, or maybe three runs in.

Running in Ottawa is always nice, and getting a chance to put in some miles without the pressure of the Race Weekend. I’ve got WordCamp during the day on Saturday and Sunday, so morning runs won’t be possible. But if everything goes to plan, I’ll run tonight (long) and then Saturday night and perhaps Monday morning.

Last year I ran along the Ottawa River mostly, including making it across to the Gatineau side. There are great views to be had along the river from the Quebec side. On the Ottawa side, you can run below the Parliament Buildings and behind the Supreme Court.

Perhaps this time I’ll run the Rideau Canal as well. With more time for a longer run, I might be able to get out to some areas that I haven’t run before.

Running while travelling is a great perk of my job. I used to travel a bit more than I do these days, but so far this year I’ve been out to San Francisco and now to Ottawa. I suspect a west coast trip to Kirkland, Washington (near Seattle) will also happen in the late summer or early fall.

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