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The Rhythm of Running

Running has a rhythm to it.

That rhythm is found not only in the sounds of each footfall as I’m out on the sidewalks, streets and trails around Toronto, but it’s also found in the beat of the activities as they get done and posted.

Sometimes the runs come in a regular beat…run, off, run-run-run, off, run. A five day a week rhythm was my beat for a long time when training for the marathon.

In reality, some of the beats are long, some sort. My marathon training weekly beat is more like ruuuuun, off, run, ruun, ruuun, off, run.

Then the race is done and the rhythm is lost. Sometimes that’s thanks to injury, or vacation, or life getting in the way. It’s often hard to get back in sync and get that regular beat going again. But soon enough, the familiar beat of my feet on the road is back and the regular activities at the usual times and distances are coming back.

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