in Training and Runs

What’s Next?

It’s been a quiet summer, with sporadic training and a decent half marathon to finish it out a few weeks ago. But now the weather has turned, the trees have shed their leaves and winter running is nearly upon us.

So what’s the plan?

It’s been a long time since I haven’t been prepping for a spring marathon and getting my schedule together in November. And I suspect that 2017 will be no different. We’re making tentative plans to return to Vancouver in May and I’m again considering running the BMO Vancouver Marathon.

It would be my fifth time running the marathon in Vancouver and this time, Ginny would be joining me for the weekend as well. That makes for some additional complications in planning as we need to find a hone for the kids, or get someone to stay here with them for a few days while we do our west coast thing.

I said after Vancouver in May that I thought maybe that would be my last marathon for a while. The training has been difficult and the payoffs haven’t been there. Not getting the result I wanted for three straight marathons makes all the work I put in feel a bit pointless.

But running is like that. I know two of those marathons were hot and that cost me. Broken ribs midway through the training cycle for the third cost me any chance at a good result in 2017.

Will 2018 be different? Who knows…but I’ll wade into training with a positive attitude and a commitment to putting in the effort once again. If everything comes together on race day, then great. Otherwise, I’ll take another 42.2km run through one of my favourite places on earth.