in Training and Runs

Training Begins (Again)

The usual Running Room marathon training program I follow is 18 weeks long which means training for the 2018 BMO Vancouver Marathon will officially start around the first week of January.

Those first few weeks are pretty reasonable with five runs totaling about 43km and a long run of only 13km. That’s not a huge week of running, although the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday runs are 6, 10 and 8km respectively which is a bit more than I’m doing right now.

Those back-to-back-to-back weekday runs can put some stress on the body, especially if you drop right into it without a good foundation in place. With that in mind, I’m taking the next six weeks to get from where I am now to being comfortable with those weeknight runs.

Avoiding Injury

Working up gradually will reduce the chances of injury early on and will also get my legs back to where they need to be to embark on a full 18 weeks and over one thousand kilometres of running.

This week I ran 6km on Tuesday, 8km on Wednesday, and then 6km on Thursday. That’s a bit lighter than the first week of the training schedule, and the plan is to get that Wednesday run up to 10km in a few weeks, and also to get the Thursday run to 8km.

Sunday runs of about 15 or 16km are still comfortable for me, and so while the first couple of weeks of training in January calls for 13km runs, I’ll likely exceed that and roll into 16km LSD’s right from the start in the new year.

Motivation Included

It’s great to have a race on the schedule to work towards. The constant reminder of the number of days until the 2018 BMO Vancouver Marathon keeps me motivated to get out and put in the mileage and so I use the Countdown watchface on my Garmin Forerunner 235 which tells me exactly how many more days I have left until May 6, 2018 and race day.

As of today, it’s 162 days until marathon number 12 in Vancouver. Let the training begin.