Training Update – 21 Weeks to Go

Pre-season training is going well and the weeks are disappearing quickly. With 21 weeks now until race day, it’s just three weeks until the real training begins for me.

I’ve run five days a week now for three weeks and the routine of getting out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday plus the two weekend days is basically established.

Once the training really starts, it’ll be 6km, 10km, 8km on those weeknights so with that in mind, I’ve been increasing two of my runs to 8km now. In a couple of weeks I’ll move up to a 10km Wednesday run and I’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

Sunday runs are still in the low teens range. I ran 14km last week and today I added another 13km LSD. The first month of the training schedule I follow features Sunday runs in the 10-13km range, so by the time January rolls around I’ll be in good shape.

The weekly mileage is around 40km at the moment. I find that pretty reasonable – in the past, I found running the 42km of the marathon over the course of a week was a nice number to aim for to maintain fitness over an off season.