Training Update – 20 Weeks to Go

Another week closer to race day and things are really starting to come together nicely now.

This was the first week I ran the marathon weekday plan of 6km on Tuesday, 10km on Wednesday and 8km on Thursday. That gets me up to the “normal” weekly mileage of 30km not including the Sunday run.

Speaking of Sunday, tomorrow’s 13km run will be a cold one. The forecast is calling for temps around -13ºC at run time with a windchill making it feel a bit colder than that.

It’ll be a bundle up kind of day, but we’ll survive. Here’s hoping the sun will make an appearance to help warm things up.

From a fitness perspective, I’m in good shape as well (no pun intended). Strava says I’m at a 42 now on their scale. That compares favourably with where I was at last year heading into the new year.

That fitness number is climbing steadily and if I can keep the trend going, I think my goal of being above 70 on race day is attainable.