Training Update – Less than 19 Weeks to Go

It’s less than a week now until things kick off for real and the training program for the 2018 BMO Vancouver Marathon begins.

This week was a bit of a step back week for me with the Christmas holidays taking some of the usual runs out of the equation. Still I missed only one run – the 13km Sunday run on Christmas Eve. That was a bit by design to get a little rest in after 5 weeks of solid building of mileage and strength.

The weather here took a turn and it’s now full-on winter running. First we got a couple of snowstorms that put about 25cm of snow on the ground around our end of the city. Then the temperatures snapped to the frigid end of the temperature spectrum with daytime highs around -10ÂșC.

I’ve been using the treadmills over at Variety Village for my weeknight runs as it’s both cold and dark after about 5:00 P.M. these days. I’ve never felt especially safe running the streets in the dark. Last week a woman was struck and killed by a drunk driver along my usual running route.

There’s a makeshift memorial of flowers and notes where she died that serves as a reminder that things can go wrong in a real hurry. I passed it on Tuesday afternoon on my run and thought of my own accident back in 2011 that could have ended up far worse than it did.

Happy New Year

I’ll get a few more runs in this week and then as 2018 arrives on Monday, so does week one of the training schedule. Things start slow as usual, but by February the Sunday runs start creeping up in length and the weekly mileage starts to grow.

Here’s hoping 2018 brings some milder weather and some good training as I embark on the 18 week journey that will culminate with my 12th marathon overall and fifth BMO Vancouver Marathon.