If you work at Facebook and you have a moral compass, then I would suggest you check it and decide whether you want to be a part of what is clearly one of the worst innovations that the Internet has to offer. There are far better places to put your talents to work.

Then, despite pretty much everything being “deleted”, thanks to whatever Facebook magic is happening in the massive database of everyone, they can still surface “On This Day” memories.

And then there are the magical posts where when you try to “untag” yourself, you get an “Oops, something went wrong” error.

Facebook is the best, isn’t it? You delete what you think is everything, but then every time you come back, they somehow have dug up more stuff to put on your activity log.

Good Friday on Kingston Road. Ball hockey, no traffic and a big line at Starbucks.

Not exactly the kind of start I wanted to see from the Blue Jays. Not competitive, Tulo on the DL for 60 days, and Donaldson is clearly dealing with an arm problem. That said, it seems early to write the whole season off…talk to me in May.

Also deactivated my Reddit account after deleting all the comments, posts and basically cleaning it out. Started up a new one that is quite anonymous. It’ll be used to follow some topics without upvoting, commenting or anything else that is traceable. And yes, I turned off tracking on outbound links.

I also made my Instagram private and booted most of my followers (half were ghost or garbage). I’ll keep that alive to see pics from close friends and family but I’ll post any pictures of my own to my blog using Sunlit.