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The Last Long Run

Sometimes you do what you have to do.

Today was one of those days for me and I got my run done. There’s a very nasty weather system rolling through Toronto this weekend and running 32km outside just didn’t seem like a good idea.

IMG_0243.jpgWith 3cm of ice pellets on the ground, freezing rain falling all day and winds sustained in the 60-70km/h range with gusts even higher than that, I decided to hit the treadmill at Variety Village instead of “braving” the conditions.

I’ve run 23km on the treadmill before, but getting up to 30km was going to be a challenge. My running buddy Miguel decided to join me for at least some of the fun. I do a fair bit of treadmill running during the winter and spring, so I had a bit of a mental advantage heading into this run.

Miguel lasted through about 16km before he said “enough” and head home. That left me with a good 90 minutes to run solo which didn’t exactly excite me. Keeping my head in the game was key and I managed to break the run up into a few sections to stay sane.

I also used a bit of visualization, imagining where I was on the Vancouver course as I ran. It wasn’t easy and by about 25km, I was starting to think about packing it in earlier than the scheduled 32km.

I got to 29km and then pushed through for another kilometre before I decided that I’d had enough. Realistically, running another 11 minutes wasn’t going to do much in terms of training effect. 30km was a solid effort, all things considered.

Now I can say I’ve run 30km on a treadmill and I can also look forward to a shorter 23km run next week before the taper really starts. In three weeks I’ll be running my fifth BMO Vancouver Marathon. I’m pretty much ready.