Optimize for Time Spent

I saw Paul Ford speak in 2014 at XOXO Fest in Portland and it was most excellent. This piece he wrote about time really resonated with me when I read it this morning. Thanks to @jamesshelley for sharing it on today.

In everything we do at Hover at a product level, we’re really trying to optimize for time spent. What’s the least amount of time we can take from our customers and get them on their way?

Every second that a customer is spending trying to get their domain setup, or dealing with a DNS outage, or trying to get a password reset or even finding a good domain name is a second they aren’t spending doing the stuff that really matters to them.

If we’re a speed bump in the road that prevents someone from getting their business up and running today, or painting a great picture, or putting a new roof on someone’s house, then we’re not doing our jobs well enough.

But I’ve wasted enough of your time…

p.s. You can also watch that XOXO talk on Youtube if you have 18 minutes and 54 seconds of time to spare. I have no idea how many heartbeats that is for you, but for me that’s about 850.